NCTC understands that customer relationship management is key to the success of any business, whether online or brick-and-mortar. NCTC sites reflect the philosophy that functional can and should be beautiful. NCTC is firmly committed to balancing beauty and the bottom line in a way that maximizes clients’ business goals.


NCTC’s HTML programmers are highly skilled in designing for the Web. They understand how to apply the latest design techniques and technology to create clear, easily-navigated websites. NCTC HTML programmers use dynamic HTML and cascading style sheets, and understand browser requirements. They apply this knowledge to create sites that look good regardless of what browser is being used. NCTC’s HTML staff designs websites so that they can take advantage of new features presented by the latest versions of popular web browsers while ensuring that the pages appear well in older browser versions as well.

User Interface

NCTC has strength in User Interface design and places an emphasis on creativity, communication, navigation, and the end-user experience. Bad navigation creates bad branding for a company.

NCTC develops main and interior page navigation tools that enable visitors to access portions of the site that most interest them easily and quickly. To enhance the user experience, NCTC incorporates navigation features into the overall “look and feel” of the web site. NCTC designers are experts at designing navigation tools that complement the overall graphic design of the site and that contribute to the site’s ease of use.

Also key to the user experience is the speed of download. NCTC uses proprietary compression techniques to maximize the download speed of each site it designs, resulting in sites that not only are effective graphically but highly functional as well.

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