Premium Home Wi-Fi Service

Enjoy High Speed Wi-Fi in Every Corner of Your Home.

NCTC’s Premium Home Wi-Fi Service utilizes Access Points, installed in multiple locations throughout your home to boost Wi-Fi signals and speeds. The multiple hot spots communicate with each other to create one large Wi-Fi network encompassing your entire home. This gives you the Wi-Fi coverage you need and the Wi-Fi speeds you want.

Experience the benefits of the newest Wi-Fi technologies.

NCTC will manage your network with Cloud View technologies. We want to make sure that your Wi-Fi works well once installed and it remains in good condition all the time. The Cloud View system analyzes the data provided by your network and provides guidance to our tech support center in order to proactively identify and fix potential problems.

Get started with Premium Home Wi-Fi Service.

When you sign up for Premium Home Wi-Fi service, and NCTC technician will arrive at your home and install the equipment for you. We will use our latest Wi-Fi testing equipment to analyze your home for any interference and for proper placement of the access points. Once installed, we will help you connect all your devices and make sure your network is correctly configured to provide optimal performance.

Contact NCTC today about adding Premium Home Wi-Fi service to your home, Starting as low as $9.98 per month for current Internet customers! 

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