DSL Internet Plans Price per Month
Up to 25 Mpbs Down x 5 Mbps Up $59.95
Up to 25 Mpbs Down x 25 Mbps Up $69.95
Up to 50 Mpbs Down x 50 Mbps Up $79.95
Up to 100 Mpbs Down x 50 Mbps Up $99.95
Up to 100 Mpbs Down x 100 Mbps Up $119.95

Additional plans available for specific needs. Please call 1-888-873-6282 for more information.

Not all speeds are available in all areas.


Hamilton Telecommunications was recently awarded several grants through the Nebraska Public Service Commission’s Broadband Bridge Grant Program. This additional funding will further enable Hamilton’s commitment to continue the construction to deliver fiber-to-the-home to 100 percent of former NCTC customers in Ansley, Arcadia, Burwell, Dannebrog, Rural Gibbon, Rural Ravenna, Sargent and additional rural areas within the service territory formerly served by NCTC. We have begun construction planning for the fiber network in these areas with the goal to complete mainline fiber construction in the grant areas by July 1, 2023. Read more in our latest press release here.
Fiber to the Home Data Only Plans Price per Month
75 Mpbs Down x 25 Mbps Up $74.95
 300 Mpbs Down x 50 Mbps Up $89.90
1 Gig Down x 250 Mbps Up* $110.90

The Data Only fiber plans are available to our fiber customers and do not require a phone line or transport fee.

Fiber to the Home Plans
for Hamilton Telephone Subscribers
Price per Month
 50 Mbps Down x 25 Mbps Up $49.95
250 Mbps Down x 50 Mbps Up $64.95
1 Gig Down x 250 Mbps Up* $89.90

* 1 Gig speed plan is not available in all areas.

Fiber Bundles
Fiber Bundles are Coming Soon!
Premium Home Wifi

Enjoy High Speed Wi-Fi in Every Corner of Your Home
NCTC’s Premium Home Wi-Fi service utilizes access points installed in multiple locations throughout your home to boost Wi-Fi signals and speeds.

Starting as low as $9.98 per month for high speed Internet customers! Click here for more information

A few tips on improving your WI-FI connectivity

  • Position your modem away from refrigerators, microwaves, baby monitors and other devices that emit electronic radiation.
  • Keep your modem away from Bluetooth devices, which might operate on the same frequency.
  • Avoid mirrors and reflective objects that can deflect router signals.
  • Watch for furniture, doors and thick surfaces like concrete that can obstruct signals. Elevate the modem on a shelf or tall furniture.
  • Password protect your Wi-Fi so others aren’t using your signal.