Internet Plans

Internet Only Plans

Up to 25 Mbps Download x 5 Mbps Upload


Up to 25 Mbps Download x 25 Mbps Upload


Up to 50 Mbps Download x 50 Mbps Upload


100 Mbps Download x 50 Mbps Upload


100 Mbps Download x 100 Mbps Upload


Additional plans available for specific needs. Please call 1-888-873-6282 for more information.

Not all speeds are available in all areas.


Choose a Bundle from NCTC and rest assured you’re getting a great deal on all your telecommunication services.

Premium Home Wi-Fi

Enjoy High Speed Wi-Fi in Every Corner of Your Home
NCTC’s Premium Home Wi-Fi service utilizes access points installed in multiple locations throughout your home to boost Wi-Fi signals and speeds.

Starting as low as $9.98 per month for high speed Internet customers!

Computer Security Products

World-class security – Fully-supported web security and anti-virus protects you against the latest online threats with find, locate, lock and wipe for your phone or tablet.

Personal data backup – Sync and back up all of your files, photos, contacts and important information against damage or device failure.

Keep personal info private – Cloud-based protection keeps your personal information secure and convenient wherever you are.

A few tips on improving your WI-FI connectivity

  • Position your modem away from refrigerators, microwaves, baby monitors and other devices that emit electronic radiation.
  • Keep your modem away from Bluetooth devices, which might operate on the same frequency.
  • Avoid mirrors and reflective objects that can deflect router signals.
  • Watch for furniture, doors and thick surfaces like concrete that can obstruct signals. Elevate the modem on a shelf or tall furniture.
  • Password protect your Wi-Fi so others aren’t using your signal.