Why Fiber?

Fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) isn’t just the latest in telecommunications technology, it also enables your home to be prepared for future growth as society moves through the digital age.

Don’t get left behind with outdated technology!

  • Fiber optic cables can carry data at high speeds over long distance – meaning you’ll get the speed you subscribe to.
  • Fiber optic cables are buried so no issues with weather or wind
  • Because fiber optic cable conductors are made of glass, there won’t be electrical lines causing interference.
  • FTTP provides virtually unlimited bandwidth capacity. You will have the ability to select packages with higher speeds than you could with outdated technology.
  • FTTP gives you access to more advanced communication products and data, like streaming video, quality video conferencing, smart home technology, gaming, Tele-Med services and many more. 
  • Since FTTP provides a reliable Internet connection, you will have the ability to work from home if needed.

The Construction Process

First, NCTC engineers map out the best way to build fiber to your area, so they may reach the greatest number of people. Then once the plan is approved by contractors, NCTC plans the construction process. This is done by marking existing utility lines to avoid cutting a line when the new fiber is laid out. Once fiber is laid in the approved path, our splicing team accesses each splice vault and pedestal throughout the area to fuse the individual fibers that will eventually connect to your home or business. Then we test the speed of light as it passes through the fiber to make sure your connection is what we promise. Once this is completed, we are ready to start scheduling installs, which includes installing a NID on your home or business, then bringing wires into your home to connect to your existing jacks. Finally, your devices will be tested to make sure your Internet service is working. Time to enjoy faster Internet!

Why Fiber Services Are Better With NCTC

NCTC Internet plans
Internet on a fiber infrastructure can allow you to do so much more, and much faster! 

  • Download a full quality HD movie quicker then ever!
  • Download an audio book in less than 10 seconds!
  • Stream your Netflix or Hulu content seamlessly!
  • Work remotely with an instant connection to your VPN without lag!

Want the reliability of a secure home phone connection? Add NCTC’s landline phone service to your package. For a low monthly fee, you’ll enjoy the convenience and security only a home phone can offer.

How do I take action?

Don’t wait long! You only have a 14 day window to pre-sign up and make sure you are a part of this exciting project! All you need to do is call 888-873-6282 to sign up today!