Calling Features for NCTC Local Telephone Service Price per Month


3-way calling allows you to talk to two different people at the same time, to add a second person to your call or to put one call on hold and make a second call. 3-way calling can be used for local or long distance calls. Once you hang up, both calls are disconnected.

To Set Up A Three-Way Call:

  1. Depress switchhook, then listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone.  (Present call is placed on hold.)
  2. Dial third party’s telephone number.  If busy or no answer, depress switchhook twice to reconnect first call.
  3. After third party answers, depress switchhook for a three-way call.

Printable Instructions (PDF)



Call forwarding allows you to forward all of your calls to a specific number, while still being able to make outgoing calls. Never miss an important call when away from your home or business.

To Forward Calls:

  1. Dial *72, then listen for three beeps and a steady dial tone
  2. Dial the telephone number to which the calls will be forwarded
  3. Hang up

To Cancel Call Fowarding:

  1. Dial *73, then listen for 3 beeps
  2. Hang up

To forward to a long distance number you will need to dial 1+ the area code first.  Calls forwarded to a long distance number will be charged to your account.

Printable Instructions (PDF)



Lets you automatically dial the number of your last incoming call, whether you answered it or not.

To use Call Return:

  1. Press *69
  2. Listen for an announcement that will tell you the phone number of the party who last called you.
  3. If you wish to return the call:
    1. Press “1” on your keypad
    2. Listen for ringing
    3. Wait for an answer

Printable Instructions (PDF)



Call screening allows you to create a list of phone numbers from which you do not wish to receive calls. Calls from phone numbers on your list are sent to an announcement that informs the caller that you are not receiving calls at this time.

To Use Call Screening:

  • Press *60
  • Listen to the voice instructions which will guide you through the steps of how to turn call screening on or off and make changes to your call screening list.


0 = Repeat the instructions

1 = Review the numbers on your list

3 = Turn call screening on or off

# =  Add a number to your list

* = Delete a number from your list

08 = Delete all numbers from your list

  • After receiving an unwanted call, you can add the number to your call screening list even if you do not know the party’s number.
  • Hang up, then pick up and listen for dial tone
  • Press *60 and listen for instructions
  • Press #01#

Printable Instructions (PDF)



Call waiting will give short tone signals that tells you another person is trying to call you when you are already on the phone. You can put one call on hold while handling the second call, alternate between the two, or cancel it while staying on your first call.

To Use Call Waiting:

Depress switchhook or hang up, then answer waiting call.

To Cancel Call Waiting:

  1. Before making a call:  Press *70
  2. During a call:  Depress switchhook, then press *70

Printable Instructions (PDF)



Caller ID will let you know who is calling before you answer the telephone. With Caller ID service and a Caller ID display, you can identify the caller before answering the call.



Add Caller ID to your call waiting which allows you to see caller information on the second incoming call.



Gives you an additional phone number with its own distinctive ringing pattern. Perfect for your fax machine! When you hear the double ring, let it go to the fax.



Lets you call up to 30 selected numbers by dialing just one or two digits instead of the entire phone number.

To set up Speed Dial Numbers:

  1. Press *70 for 1-digit speed dial codes
  2. Press *75 for 2-digit speed dial codes
  3. Listen for a broken dial tone
  4. Enter speed dial code
  5. Enter desired telephone number (a confirmation tone or dial tone is played)
  6. Hang up

To use Speed Dialing:

Press desired speed dial code, then press #.

To change Speed Dial entries:

Repeat first five steps.

Printable Instructions (PDF)



Finally an end to ROBO CALLS. Telemarketer do not disturb intercepts all incoming calls with an announcement stating, “Please press 8 to confirm you are not a telemarketer.” Once the caller confirms they are not a telemarketer the call proceeds as normal. If “8” is not pressed, the call drops and your phone never rings.



Prevents long distance calls from being made from your telephone line unless the correct special access code and PIN are dialed.



Basic voicemail from NCTC answers your calls while you are away from home or when your phone line is busy. Voicemail requires no additional equipment and even works during power outages.

Enhanced voicemail sends a message to email and also allows you to set up additional mailboxes for specific people. $7.95