Cable rate increase April 2021

NCTC Cable Television Price Change

As a television service provider, NCTC Cable is faced with the harsh reality of passing annual cable rate increases through to our customers.  As a result of programming rate increases, the broadcast surcharge for your cable television service will increase from $12 to $20 per month effective April 2021.  Please understand this is a direct pass-through of broadcast company charges for putting local channels on NCTC’s cable system.

We know this news is not welcome and share in your frustration with the continued rise in broadcast fees.  Every three years, cable television providers are required by law to negotiate with local broadcast stations that represent the major networks (CBS, FOX, ABC and NBC) for the right to re-transmit these television signals.  Even though these over-the-air signals are broadcast free to the public, providers must pay monthly per-subscriber fees for the ability to carry these networks.

A vast majority of your cable bill goes straight to programmers like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, ESPN, etc.  Very little actually stays with NCTC Cable to pay operating expenses, maintain the cable network, and upgrade equipment.  Please know that we work very hard to keep your prices competitive and we’re just as frustrated with them as you are.  We appreciate the opportunity to provide your telecommunications, Internet, and cable services and will strive to continue providing you quality services at reasonable rates.