Hamilton Telecommunication History

For more than a century, Hamilton’s culture and values have been shaped by our employees, customers, and shareholders as a driving force to our success.  We value the spirit of hard work, responsibility, innovation, collaboration, diversity and inclusion that enables our growth and guides us as we pursue our mission.

Hamilton Telecommunications is a diversified communications and technology service provider based in Aurora, Neb. Founded in 1901, Hamilton Telecommunications encompasses eight primary company divisions that allow Hamilton to operate on a local, regional and national basis.

NCTC History

In 1923, D. E. McGregor tired of traveling over five states selling telephone equipment. During his travels he found that the owners and operators of the Farmer’s Home Telephone Company with exchanges in Gibbon and Shelton, were tiring of operating the company so he became manager of the company. On March 17, 1928, the Nebraska Central Telephone Company (NCTC, Company) was formed by consolidating the properties of the Farmers Home Telephone Company, the Ansley Telephone Company (with operations in Ansley and Berwyn), and the Arcadia Telephone Company.

On August 1, 1934, the telephone property at Comstock was put out on a Sheriff’s sale and it was purchased by D. E. McGregor. In 1953, NCTC bought control of the Crownover Telephone Company in Sargent and incorporated it into the Company. During the next 36 years there were many changes and upgrades to the six exchanges that made up Nebraska Central Telephone Company.

In 1988, the Nebraska Central Telephone Company entered into the competitive bid process to acquire the Rodeo Telephone Company. Rodeo Telephone was a Cooperative that operated six telephone exchanges including Burwell, Ericson, North Burwell, North Loup, Scotia and Taylor. NCTC was the successful bidder, and on Jan 1, 1989, the Rodeo Telephone exchanges were merged into the Nebraska Central Telephone Company. The business office and service center has been retained in Burwell.

In 1992, NCTC partnered with Consolidated Companies and developed Nebraska’s first distance education network in conjunction with the Sandhills Technology – Telecommunications Educational Project. This project interconnected five schools (including Ansley Public Schools) with fiber optic cable and technology that allowed the remote teaching of classes. During 1997, high schools in Arcadia, Burwell, Sargent and Taylor were added to this distance education network. In 2000 Elba Public and North Loup/Scotia Public schools were provided distance education services.


During the 1990s, US West Communications placed a number of its rural telephone exchanges on the market for sale. Nebraska Central Telephone evaluated the properties and ultimately purchased eight (8) US West exchanges due to geographical and community of interest similarities with existing Nebraska Central operations and customers. The acquired exchanges were Ashton, Boelus, Dannebrog, Elba, Litchfield, Mason City, Ravenna, and Rockville. The acquisition was effective January 1, 1997.

In 1995, the Company was one of the first Nebraska telephone companies to provide dial-up Internet service. In January 2000, DSL (broadband) Internet service was introduced and is available to all NCTC customers. In 2001 the Company became a long distance toll service provider.

In October 2005, NCTC acquired the underserved cable television properties in the NCTC exchanges of Ansley, Boelus, Dannebrog, Elba, and Mason City. In February 2006, NCTC acquired the cable television systems in Arcadia, Burwell, North Loup, Sargent, Scotia and Taylor. In 2008, the Ashton cable television system was added to NCTC’s cable television operation.

Over the years, technology has significantly changed the telecommunications industry and NCTC has upgraded its facilities and services to keep pace. Central Office call switching equipment has evolved from mechanical to digital and transport services have been upgraded from analog to digital. Extensive fiber optic facilities have been placed in the network to make transport and Internet access more efficient and fast.

Nebraska Central Telephone Company and its employees are active in communities where we provide service. NCTC patronizes local businesses and supports schools and other community organizations and activities. The Company has been proud to serve our customers for over 90 years and looks forward to many more years of providing quality, leading edge services.

Community Relations

We know when our communities thrive, so does our business. This is why community engagement is encouraged to our employees. Throughout our long history, we have passionately supported local community efforts.

We work to invest resources in the areas most relevant to our business, customers and employees as efficiently and effectively as possible. Through local giving, community partnerships, and employee volunteerism we are making a real difference in communities across central Nebraska.

Our community commitment can be seen in many ways and in many places; whether we are helping a local Chamber of Commerce raise money for local scholarships, or serving on different boards across our service area, NCTC and its employees take an active role in our communities.

At NCTC, helping others is an important part of the way we do business, we are proud of the work our company and our employees have done to make a difference, and we are excited to share our progress with you by giving back.

Coverage Map

coverage map

NCTC Service Area

  • Ansley (308-935) 
  • Arcadia (308-789) 
  • Ashton (308-738) 
  • Boelus (308-996) 
  • Burwell/N. Burwell (308-346/308-348) 
  • Comstock (308-628) 
  • Dannebrog (308-226) 
  • Elba (308-863) 
  • Ericson (308-653) 
  • Gibbon (308-468) 
  • Litchfield (308-446) 
  • Mason City (308-732) 
  • North Loup (308-496) 
  • Ravenna (308-452) 
  • Rockville (308-372) 
  • Sargent (308-527) 
  • Scotia (308-245) 
  • Shelton (308-647) 
  • Taylor (308-942) 


General Policies and Legal Notices


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Hamilton Telecommunications is an Equal Opportunity Employer.